WooCommerce - Prevent Unpaid Orders from Downloading

There needs to be an option on the integration to not download unpaid orders - these allocate stock and it is ludicrous to have to delete such orders adding a manual process which should never be occuring in the first place.

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Hi Gareth,

I have checked with our development team who have confirmed they are aware of this requirement and have it planned for development in 2020 Q1


Great, this was earlier this year then so it is ready?!

Hi Gareth,

my mistake 2021 Q1, so early next year



Agree with Gareth, this is a must. Having unpaid/failed orders tying up "Open Order" stock is causing us all sorts of issues without parking/removing orders daily.

I agree with Ben and Gareth - a huge oversight by Linnworks and shame it has taken so long to even plan to fix.

This is now a feature, there is a  "Download unpaid orders:" tickbox in the Woocommerce settings which is good news.

Hi, are you maybe planning a tickbox like this for Amazon integration? 

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