Allow multiple packages per SKU (think all furniture products/shipping)

Any large furniture will always be delivered in multiple boxes because of the size and weight.  Linnworks has no option to setup a SKU to have multiples boxes thus rendering the inability print multiple shipping labels for these items.  Essentially no furniture retailer can use Linnworks at present until this obvious feature is added and then also integrated with the couriers and ideally Shipstation.

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This is something that we would be able to utilise as well.

We currently use FedEx, who have a 25kg maximum parcel weight.

We have many SKUs that are over 25kg, which "could" be split into multiple parcels.

However, we have a consignment rate, which means that every subsequent parcel is cheaper.

If we split the order, we pay more for our shipping.


a) SKUs should be configurable to be multi parcel orders


b) at time of printing/processing, you should have an option to select how many parcels to book (defaulting to 1 obviously)

This is definitely something we need. We have a lot of items that due to weight have to be shipped in multiple boxes. Currently to get multiple labels, we create parent items with children for each separate box. The problem with that is it then makes creating POs a nightmare because you cannot add the parent to a PO, only the children.

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