Print zones not only for Linnworks Mobile


Here it goes a suggestion that would help us a lot:

Print zones for Linnworks.Net, not only for Linnworks Mobile.

It is possible to implement it, please have a look at this.

Best Regards

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Yes as we are moving to multiple packing stations, we need invoices and labels to be printed to the printers at the packing station, and should not be based on the user but based on the packing station the user is at. Until this is implemented we have to make sure users use the same packing station every time otherwise their labels will come out of the wrong printers, and we cannot always have people working at the same station, especially if 2 people work on the same day who normally work different days at the same station!

I originally thought Print Zones was for this very purpose, not realising until now when I want to set it up that it is only for Linnworks Mobile.

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