Use Composite Parent Supplier Instead Of Child Supplier


Is there a way that the composite parent supplier can be shown on exports instead of the child supplier? 

Currently we buy items from different suppliers and place them together as composites, however, we allocate the larger revenue to one supplier. 

Basically if we buy something from Supplier A for £1 and something from Supplier B for £0.20, we allocate the whole sale to supplier A as we are a reseller. It is difficult to invoice our resellers if we are splitting it across multiple suppliers. Additionally, when we sell in bulk, instead of having a supplier with a different surcharge we have the child supplier which is at a higher cost? 

Many thanks, 

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Hello Richard,

Thank you for reaching us!

I'd like to create a support ticket on your behalf and we will be able to continue from there.

Have a nice day ahead!

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