No option to change the default location, moving warehouses


We are about to move into a new warehouse in the next few weeks.

I need the option to change the default location on Linnworks.

I know there's an option to add another location on Linnworks, and I know how to do warehouse transfers. I also know that you can set up in the mapping that new orders should automatically be downloaded to a specific location.

My main issue is with Purchase Orders. Whenever you raise a new purchase order, the default location will be selected if you don't change it to something else. It's going to be a pain to have to change the warehouse every time we make a new PO (for as long as we are still going to use Linnworks). And if we do accidentally leave the warehouse "default" (which is our current warehouse, that won't be in use anymore) on a new PO, we will have to delete that PO and start again from scrap. As you know, once you change the PO status to open, there's no going back to change the location.

My question is why there isn't an option to simply choose which location on Linnworks should be the default warehouse?

Any advice?

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