Missing vital info from order view "Dispatch Dates" & "Delivery Dates"

Why do "orders" not show delivery dates and dispatch dates within their details? The most useful piece of information for an OMS surely.


Also, I would like to see the dates in a separate column and not visually grouped with just general info. OMS for us is all about fulfilling orders based on "delivery dates". But don't forget "dispatch dates" as these are actually what we work from. We will be sending this info in via API as the dispatch date needs careful calculation which Linnworks doesn't support yet.  Such as shipping an order for a Monday delivery is dispatched on a Friday (it's not just the day before).  There's also national holidays and international shipments take longer.  Lots of calculations but we currently do that on our CMS/Ecom store. We honour delivery dates for our customer as they choose this option on checkout. So we must fulfil the order to this exact date. Hence why dates are so important. 

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