Query Data - Stock Items (with levels) with multiple locations


I need a report which tells the stock levels from 3 different locations inside Linnworks,

Right now I need to run 3 separate reports and merge them in Excel on daily basis,

Any help, please?

Warm Regards,


Hello Tomasz,

Thank you for reaching us!

You can create an Inventory Export and filter by Stock Location. In the column mapping section, you need to select the columns you want to export (e.g. SKU, Stock Level at Location, and Stock Location) and set the filter as per below screenshot:

This export will generate a CVS file with the stock level on each of these locations. In case you need the combined stock of these particular locations, you will need to request a custom report. We support scripting services, please have a look at our scripting terms and conditions, in case you are interested you will need to raise a ticket and assign it to our scripting team.

I hope this helps! In case you require further assistance, please do let us know.



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