UK Mail shipping integration Customer Ref and Alternative Ref

In the settings menu under "Label Options" you can link "Customer Ref:" and  "Alternative Ref" to either Order ID, Order Ref or SKU.

We are being told by the rep at our local depot that for deliveries to the Channel Islands, Customer Ref and Alternative Ref: should be set to the value of the goods being shipped and the description of the goods. If the references are not set to these, there is a danger that the shipment will be rejected by customs.

Hello Ian,

Goods description and value are printed on CN22 form. UK Mail integration supports the automatic printing of CN22 forms along with the shipping label, where the form is required (Including Channel Islands). 

CN22 can be enabled in > Shipping > Integrations > UK Mail 'Services' > Edit:

Linnworks will use regular item title by default, however, we've added 'CN22Description' property that can now be added to your inventory items. CN22 will pull the title from this property if it exists. It is limited to 30 characters.

Hello Olga,

We sent an example CN22 form to our local depot and they say it is not what they require. They are insisting that the Customer Ref and Alternative ref on the label need to show description and cost.


Thank you for getting back to me. I have found the additional fields that can be printed on the labels: 'Value', 'CurrencyCode' and 'Description of Goods'. In fact these values are submitted to UK Mail with every label request, however, it looks like UK Mail does not include those fields into Channel Islands labels (it does not look like you can specify goods value and description when creating consignments in iConsign).

I will speak to UK Mail, to confirm possible solutions and will update you as soon as I get their reply. CN22 should do the job for now, as it does display goods value and description.


Here's what I found out:

There's no specific value and description of goods field within the Domestic API request.   

However there is a requirement to provide the data electronically to the Channel Islands so it was agreed for the data to be provided to them in the Reference 2 field (Alt Ref). Providing the data in any other field will not work, as the data will not map over to the channel islands customs. 

 We will add an option to map Reference 2 field to the order total value in the near future, however, I can not provide you with the ETA. To make sure Channel Islands shipments are handled properly, I’d recommend creating these labels using iConsign website where you will be able to manually type into the Reference 2 field. 

I just created a ticket in our support system for your account and we will update you as soon as the change is live.

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