Good morning, something i think everybody here would benefit from would the Royal Mail Postcode checker database being integrated with the open orders postcode box. This would mean typing a postcode would then search the royal mail postcode database and then return all options. This is something that is way overdue so lets get some support for this to get it moving forward. EKM Powershop for instance have this integrated via Postcode Ferret which is their own app but works great. To enable this postcode checker into Linnworks would mean over the phone orders would be a breeze. Come on people lets get this approved. 

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Anybody alive out there ?

This would be great. 

The competition have this, Linnworks should also. 

Yes. Its a surprise that even though Linnworks main competitors have this that they have not been so swift to integrate it. Wonder what the future holds ? Come on Linnworks. Lets get up to speed !

Yes I am really surprised this has not been done yet

Good Suggestion 

There is an app called Postcode lookup that adding this functionality to the order details screen.


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