Generate slow moving stock item report?

Hi all - does anyone know how to generate a report to identify slow moving stock items - for example, items which are in stock, but have not sold for, say, 6 weeks or 4 weeks etc?

Would be very useful,

Thanks for any help,


Hello Matt,

I believe the report worth looking into is 'Stock Item Sold Pivoted Monthly', which you can find in Dashboards > Query Data > Query Type:  Stock Item Sold Pivoted Monthly .

(details of the report data can be found here: )

Once you generate the report, you have the possibility to download it as a CSV file.

In the CSV file you can set up filters to work with the data, as and example:

filtered resulted in my example will return the list of items that currently have more than 0 in stock and none of them were sold in October.

I hope that helps,

Kind Regards,


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