Update: Migrate Your eBay Services to Improve Your Sync!


At the start of this year you told us that our Windows XP computer will be obsolete and the desktop version will not work anymore after June 2019.

So we have now transferred our operations to use the .net since about April 2019.

Now you are sending us messages saying we must open up the desktop version again and migrate our eBay services.

As you warned us back in the Spring, the desktop version is now obsolete on our obsolete Window XP laptop computer.

We had to buy a Windows machine just to run Linnworks because we run Macs for everyday use.

So now the XP laptop is now redundant and now Linnworks no longer supports it. Can you migrate our services over as we no longer have a Windows computer that supports the desktop version. It seems a bit extreme to go out and buy a Windows machine that the desktop does support simply to improve our sync.

Thank you

Hi Jason,

Sorry about the confusion!

One of our agents has actually migrated your eBay shipping services on your behalf and has contacted you via e-mail to notify you of this. Once that has been done, we have gone ahead and migrated your whole synchronization process to use the new methods instead. No further action is necessary from your end.

Apologies for any confusion this had caused!

Best regards,


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