Ability to include extend properties (e.g. HS Tariff and Country of Origin) in invoice template

I can't be the only one who needs the ability include extended properties (e.g. HS Tariff and Country of Origin) in invoice templates. We want to set up a customs invoice for transfers to the Amazon FBA warehouses to avoid using the terrible DHL invoice tool. Given this information is a legal requirement for customs invoices, I would have hoped that the ability to include this data in the invoice template would be in the pipeline already - especially as the process for Azm FBA stock transfers in LW are is shonky. The not-so-brilliant method of setting up an invoice to transfer out stock to FBA warehouses won't be so annoying if there was the ability to create a genuinely useful document off the back of it.

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I have requested this feature numerous times and with Brexit it has become more relevant!! 

We put a ticket in today to ask how to do this.

Very good idea!

Very much needed. Also asked for this and Linnworks told me it is the shipping integration responsibility. 

We need this for B2B shipments, pallets etc and other non integrated shipping integration solutions.

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