Possibility of printing invoices / shipping labels within the edit order page


I have been using the .NET beta version of the "open orders" and I think it's great.

One suggestion I have to speed work flow:

- When you double click on a order to open it, can it be editable from there, without having to click on "Edit". 

- When we move to the shipping tab, it would be great to be able to set the weight, shipping vendor and services and have a button or the option to print the invoice / shipping labels straight away.

At the moment, you have to edit, close and then print.

I have set a print button on open orders beta for one of my views which works great. However, after you close the edit order window and use the button to print an order (or take ant action really), very likely other orders will be "ticked" causing multiple invoices to be printed unnecessarily. Potential for wrong invoice being printed too and incorrect product being dispatched to incorrect customer.

Hope this helps


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