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We need to provide an aged stock report.  Does anyone have any experience of how we can extract this from Linnworks.  Essentially looking at stock that is less than x days old e.g. 0 - 30 days, 31 - 60 days, 61 - 91 days etc.

I know that linnworks does keep a count of inventory in and out so this should be available.


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By "how old" - do you mean when the Product was added to the inventory, would be considered its "age" or are we talking about stock being booked in (quantity added) would be considered its age? 

Linnworks allows for FIFO for stock items which makes it much easier to track age of stock batches for a particular SKU, are you using batching? 

Hi yes looking at when the purchase order was delivered and inventory was added.  So if the purchase order was delivered on 1st Aug the stock would be 31 - 60 days old.  This is regardless of when the SKU was set up prior to 1st Aug. 

I have seen FIFO so this should logically mean the oldest is sold through first. Unaware if we are using batching and how we can check this?  Are there any guides on this? Thanks for your help

For FIFO you will need to switch your items to batch priority type, 

Hint: Try with one item only. If you have FIFO, stock age is fairly feasible to create in pivotal analytics using inventory history cube. Don't think its there at the moment, if FIFO something you can work with, let me know I will add the data to the pivotal analytics. 

Without FIFO or Warehouse Management enabled, getting stock age is not an easy task, unless we simplify it by saying something like - "the latest time the stock was added is its age", for example,

  •  we have SKU001, quantity 0 in stock, 
  • we add 5 to stock on 1st January 2019, 
  • then shipped 2 in January
  • Stock In another 10 of SKU001 on 1st February 2019
  • When we are looking at the stock age of SKU001 on 31st January it will report 30 days (from 1st Jan) 
  • When we are looking at the stock age of SKU001 on the 1st of March, it will report 29 days (from 1st Feb)

Would it work for you?

Thanks for your help. I have started with a couple of SKUs and will see how it goes from there. It looks fairly straightforward though. I have a couple of questions for now:

1. Can you update in bulk the 'Batch type' field?

2. Is there a way of adding the batch number in the Purchase Order screen and applying the same number to all batch products in that Purchase Order?

3. How do you get access to Pivotal Analytics?


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