ebay Configurators - open existing templates - see available stock level to enable relisting

When you go to ebay configurators and open assosiated templates next to a configurator it would be extremely useful to see and filter by available stock level.

By doing this you would be able to see which items are in stock but are not listed (often because they are seasonal and 3+ months have passed they have not relisted)

At the moment you can see which templates exist that are not listed but you dont know the stock level so clicking on list/relist can result in an error

This feature would be incredibly useful and save hours of time and I imagine it would not be incredibly difficult to add as the functionality exists to see available stock level in normal inventory view.

Thank you

(PS the ability to see the images too would be really good but stock level is more important!)

Hello???????  Anyone listening?????  Fedor have you read this - you are normally good at understanding!  Please help with this.  Thank you.

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