Stock In - Ability to alter PO Price from the Stock In workflow


I am just adding this request here as it seems there is no current easy way of receipting stock in and altering the price within the PO before delivering the item. I also asked this in ticket #1299712 and it was suggested I raise this as a feature request.

We sell products where the purchase price can vary depending on factors and may not end up being the same purchase price when delivered as what was originally raised on the PO

Currently we have to use the Edit Purchase order edit screen and then manually find the item that has been physically been recieved and compare the PO price to the Invoice price and then alter the price and deliver the item - there is no search on this screen so when there are 1000 items on a PO is very laborious not to mention there is a high chance for human error.

If there was the ability to alter the PO price from the Stock In screen this will not only make this process quicker but will also cut down on human error.

Currently on the 'Stock In' Screen there is a box for where you can enter the purchase price however this only changes the products purchase price and not the purchase price within the PO or the 'suppliers purchase price' there is already the ability to 'mark items as delivered in selected purchase orders' which displays the PO items in the right hand pane if there was either functionality added that if the checkbox was checked it would alter the purchase price within the PO and use the price in the 'Purchase Price' input box OR display the ability to show/alter the PO Cost Price within the right hand pane that will satisfy the requirement.

Please see screenshot's attached.

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