eBay Item number displaying on invoices

Display the order ID as the eBay item number on invoices. current the system adds random digits to the end of the  invoice order id.

Linnworks support

"eBay has made a change on order ID format, therefore we made a change on our end as well.
At the moment, Sales Record Number is saved on Order Extended Property. Currently, It is not possible to show Order Extended Property on invoice."

Hi Hospicare Shops LTD,

We understand and appreciate your concern.

We are also frustrated by this change which has no logic from the customers (us) point of view. When trying to search for orders using our invoice slips and cross referencing our ebay sales channels it is fair easier to use the official ebay sales record number - it make its easier for us to search our ebay store.

It's a shame there was no prior notification of this change since, we now need to reassess our we produce our invoices, which is a massive change to our workflow. 

Furthermore, through ticket support Linnworks have confirmed there is no other way (alternative variables) to use in the template designer for invoices. The lack of support for this is shocking for such an advanced system.

We really hope they come up with a solution for this ASAP!


Indeed new extended order Id is new and improved way for order management that eBay has introduced. We have pro-actively switched to this method and were hoping eBay would change their backend to allow to search selling management by this new extended order id. I can see its is displayed on the order, but couldn't find a way to search it yet. New Order Id will become default for eBay within 9 month. We may have reacted a bit too fast on this change. 

We have a job in progress to allow you switch back to Sales Number as secondary reference number for the order in Linnworks, so it is searchable. ETA for this job to go out is couple of weeks. I will keep you updated. 

May I ask what are relying on Sales Number for? Are you able to search eBay backend by new eBay Order Id? 

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