Ebay Highlands/Islands remote surcharge not working, possible to script?

Ebay currently has a IT failure which means that surcharges placed in the shipping rate table for domestic (NI, highlands, islands, ch islands etc) are not being applied.

Ebay has chosen not to contact sellers about this but if you call them they will agree to pay to any failed surcharges that you highlight to them.

It's been going on since the start of July.

I have a list of postcodes that we use to filter remote orders in our shipping script. Is anyone able to produce a SQL query for processed orders which can list ebay orders for particular postcodes for a particular date range?

I'm guessing we're not uniquely affected by this as it seems site wide. Perhaps linnworks could offer some assistance with the script as I imagine someone could knock one up within an hour who's familiar with SQL and the database structure.

Hi David,

This is Navik from HyperCommerce. Are you still looking for the custom script to match eBay orders against a list of postcodes / prefix etc?

If you are, please feel free to reach me at hello@hypercommerce.co.uk

We also build custom solutions such as Advanced Rules Engine set-up, Custom SQL Scripts, API Integrations and mobile + web apps.  

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