Tab Separated Import.

The ability to scheduled export a Tab Separated File (Amazon Support) is enabled, but the ability to reimport the same Tab Separated format is not.  Why is this and can it be implemented please?

I use the export to generate files for the AMTU, but in order to keep price changes inline I need to push up to Linnworks.  Because of the lack of support I have to generate another export in another format for Linnworks.

Hi Stuart, 

You should already be able to set up the import to use a Tab as the delimiter instead of a comma, as per the screen grab below.

If you have set up an import in this way and it is not working please raise this with support so that they can look at your sample file to see what the cause is for it not working for you.

Well that was not there yesterday!

Thanks Mark,


Hi Stu,

not sure why you were not seeing it yesterday, as it has been in the system for a very long time.



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