Ability to add 'note' lines to sales order lines and p/o's

I used to Pegasus Opera and there was a global key (F12 if I remember correctly) that allowed users to add a line under the current one you are entering to put a note on a sales order & purchase orders.

For instance:

1000 sweets

      (in bags of 100)

Sometimes there needs to be additional information with a line item that is not included in the SKU or description.....

I know you are going to say there is a 'additional info' button - but this is so long winded AND it puts these additional lines anywhere. Linnworks has it's own random sort procedure that scatters information before printing!!

Hi, I was going to suggest Additional info :) 

You are right - sorting is random. There is no magical procedure, its just doesn't have sorting. The easiest would be to implement alphabetical sorting. 

Try Open Order Beta screen, create new order. The process of adding additional info is somewhat easier there.

Where do you need the additional info to be printed/displayed specifically - I will check if its quick and easy to implement alphabetical sorting on the client side.

If you use Additional Info very regularly and its super essential for your workflow, one workaround would be to customize linnworks functionally with your own plug-in component - requires dev work by experienced 3rd party developer or our customization team. 

I'd second this idea. For us, we'd like to be able to add a note against a specific item on an order. It could be used for customised items or special customer requests.

So as in the original suggestion, you could add a note for that specific order line such as "Pack these in bags of 100" or "Customer has requested branded packaging removed".

requires dev work by experienced 3rd party developer or our customization team."

Really? just to add a note that prints...! I mentioned a product I used previously that did notes very simply, one button, type note in, press enter - that was in the 1980's, and it initially ran on MS_DOS!

Don't think sorting is going to help. Linnworks doesn't even print in the WYSIWYG manner... if it did we could add additional info (even though it is a ridiculously long winded way of doing it) after the product and it would print. Making it sort alphabetically would require us to figure out how to word the note to keep it in order.

Even allowing us to edit the 'Item Title' in an order would allow us to do it. The only place we can do that is in the inventory item. I don't see why this isn't allowed as long as the SKU remains the same, it's the same product??

I mentioned customization as a way to optimise how you add Additional Information to an order item to fit your specific requirements, if you are doing something specific. 

Where and how would you like these Additional Information on an order item to be printed? Picklist, Invoice or just visible on the user interface on Process order screen/despatch console? 

I understand why you need it and agree that it will be very helpful in a lot of cases, and would like to implement something that will work, just trying to understand the best way to implement it.

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