Bin Rack column added to batch process by order ID screen.


Please can we add "bin rack" to the below screen on the Batch Process Order by Id screen.

This missing from this screen is very awkward, and would help speed up the processing time and ease of use.


Just to be clear, you are looking for bin/rack of a stock item in Open Order > Process > Scan items ? 

i.e. when the user is prompted to scan all serial numbers of all items.

Are you using the Process Order screen for picking? In which case I might have a better solution for you. 

Using the screen shown in the screenshot.

The other screen take twice the time to use.

Ideally this screen for bin rack of the stock item.

Ok, so you go to Despatch Console -> Batch Process By Id -> Scan Order Id and it brings up order item scanning. Here we have a problem because you don't actually see where the items to pick are. 

I might have a better option for processing orders for you. Give me a week to get something out and I will send you instructions what you can try. I will put this thread into Deferred for now.


Haven't forgotten about it. Waiting for the next release of Linnworks to enable Bin Rack to be visible on the mobile despatch console.

HI Fedor,

any news?

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