Product Price by Source - Sub Source - DIRECT

When it comes to pricing, We know we can add price for each channel in Listing Descriptions Tab For all the Channels. 

But there is no option for DIRECT Sales in the Shop. There use be an import which is not available anymore and it is good that import has been disabled because it was causing loads of problem. 

The correct way to do is via Channel Integration.

1:Click on Integrate Button. 

2:Select Channel (Source) as DIRECT ( Even though we are not integrating which any channel ) 

3:Type in your Sub Source. (There must be sub source to accommodate for different branches of your store)

This is very important for all the in store sales, since they don't carry postage and other marketplace fees. 

Any suggestion of using the Retail price is (Wrong) a product can a retail price of £10 but I would like to sell it at different depending on the source of the sale. 

Many thanks


Any update on this?

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