Inventory view to show prices set per channel

At this moment you can only set retail and purchase price to show in the view.

However many sellers have different prices for Amazon eBay there own website direct sales etc.

Can you please make it so the prices set per channel can be added as column in the view?

Cause if now a costumer calls in and they say I saw the item on Amazon (which has 15% fees and much more support needed and quality then eBay so price is going to be higher), it would be handy if we can directly see the price.

Same as for eBay as for own website etc... 

Now you have to find the item open the item click on tab then look up the channel price... which takes ages when you have costumer on phone.

It would be much better to be able to say to that costumer on eBay there advertised at 100£ now if you want it a bid cheaper you can order directly from us at 90£ or if you prefer amazon and amazon delivery you can get it a 115 you see easy and smooth talk... is also handy as then sellers have an actuall view on the prices and will lead to less incorrect prices as now you need to check each item or export etc.

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This has been requested at least once before, totally agree, would be a really valuable addition to the inventory view.


One very important point to understand with the way channel prices are set and managed in Linnworks:

Just because a SKU has 'Pricing By Channel' is set in its 'Product Details' doesn't mean it is listed at that price!

Ultimately, the actual listed channel price is set in the 'channel template' regardless of changes made to the SKU details. If you make price changes on products then you need to "update" the channel template to publish the new price (this is also true for all product data). 

So the problem with displaying Channel Pricing in the inventory view is that this isn't necessarily the price your customer sees and if you adjust the price in this new column then you are not affecting the 'live price' making it out of sync.

I'm sure there is a way to improve our product data management but I think it's a bigger job that you'd expect.

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