New prices - Total rip off

Well just had the new pricing through and can honestly say that they do not offer a good value bordering on rip off. 

I would welcome any recommendations as I think and believe Linnworks have now become to big for their boots and really have little regard for their end user. 

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We too have been using Linnworks for over 7 years and during this time we still only use a small percentage of their 'features'. The new pricing structure is nothing short of a disgrace and a huge slap in the face to all their loyal customers who have helped them grow over the last decade. For a small company like mine who sells over 3500 orders a month at an average of £4 per order, the pricing structure appears to be designed to get rid of us and retain the larger ones. What has happened to Linnworks?? The heart and soul of the company has been lost and they have now turned into a untrustworthy and emotionless corporate bully. The owners need to look long and hard at the management team they have put together and ask themselves if they really want to be known as a company like that...



I appeal to everyone here to go to TrustPilot and leave an honest review of how you feel treated by this company.


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It is important that other prospective Linnwork clients get a good understanding of what things are like being a long standing customer. The larger companies in particular will pay close attention to these reviews as they want a company who has stability and can build a close relationship.with. I have a feeling there will not be many future clients if the recent reviews are anything to go by.

Totally agree , dreadful and not worth the cost they are asking , if anyone has a alternative please post as looks like as with most we will be telling the high and moghty Linnworks its time to go.

We are looking at Selro and Storefeeder 

It funny how you think you are actually paying too much for a software that has been in beta since launch and then they increase the price 2x, 3x and for some even 5x. 

Waiting to see what they say, they are getting a lot of heat on review sites so clearly a lot of pissed off users. 

I agree we being there since the start , the errors they cause with system fails causing over selling and they never admit its their fault even when show the error leaving us to pick up the pieces with customers and now this over the top increase that lets be honest they will know customers will be upset. The general view is move on to a new provider as clearly they not interested in the customer base. We had a chat with Selro and booked a demo as we simply cannot justify the increase as our margins are to small on many items down to 30p as we have a good turnover of products so if they are charging per order whats the point 

" they never admit its their fault even when show(n) the error

I have thought this on many occasions, most recently when Linnworks started generating 9 month old orders as new orders!

First they blamed a script I'd written....trouble was it was their sample script not my code..

Then they tried to blame ebay...

All went quiet for a while

A few months later they quietly applied a fix to Linnworks to stop it happening ...THEIR FAULT.

So completely agree with " they never admit its their fault even when show(n) the error

We are definitely leaving. We are considering Ecomdash- has anyone tried them and have any considerations or feedback?

A few years back my subscription tripled in price, I stayed with Linnworks because tbh couldn't face the massive hassle of moving. This time it has more than tripled again. So I am looking for alternatives. Any suggestions? I've never known a company increase their prices to such a great extent as Linnworks. 

It's disgusting, I'm totally with you guys! They produce an online platform, that has less features than the old desktop version and expect us now to pay 50% more for that. They really have screwed themselves over this time, we are going to start looking elsewhere. 

I could rant all day, but I have done it far too often with Linnworks, it would be nice if one of the directors/higher management could explain the rise in costs, with the lack of reports, low order functionality and so many other basic functions.

This is a sad situation , contacted Linnworks as being a loyal customer and to be honest the response was that of could not care less. We are now looking at Selro. Might worth checking all the review sites as there reputation is falling badly

"As a thank you for the loyalty you have shown to Linnworks, we have created exclusive loyalty plans for all existing customers. As well as unlimited users, channels and couriers, we are increasing your number of orders and SKUs, depending on the plan you choose."

Can that be any more of a ridiculous statement!!! 

Yes Will I feel it is very insulting also , Rattners springs to mind 

Main comment thread on this subject:

Some helpful alternative software solutions!!!

Agree with all! On the new loyalty plan, we are going to pay 60% more based on the number of our average orders. they will scrap the locality plan like the did it previously. The things are that the system they are giving to us all is not ready to pay such prices. This architecture of it and how it is built leaves a lot of errors and bugs, which takes sometimes ages to fix.

Linnworks needs new management people whose minds are in a developing environment, not the ambitious business making money minds without knowledge of programming or any deeper knowledge of what customers are expecting and who are the customers.

Did anyone notice that they even can't keep up running virtual printing in stable condition?

It brakes almost every week now.

We've been a loyal Linnworks customer since 2014 and the "loyalty" plan is set to increase our annual software costs by >1300% to nearly £30,0000


Very upsetting to see such an unjustifiable pricing increase to the software. It's worth noting that the recent pricing plan changes have a huge impact on larger Linnworks customers too.


Needless to say, I have raised a support ticket and will reserve leaving a review on the sites below until we get a reply.

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