New Pricing What A Joke!

.....We have listened to you, we want to help small businesses, reward your loyalty, total crap!

Our subscription is due to increase from £200 to £450 that is a 125% increase, I will just repeat that, 125%!!

Your order volume breaks are well out of line unless you are a bedroom eBayer

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I would suggest Linnworks should warrant how they intend to justify these price increases and also how they will address low value high volume sellers. I'm sure people will leave in droves it's a shame because it serves it's purpose but I'm fairly sure I can get what I need for a fraction of the yearly subscription costs without using Linnworks anymore. Clearly they did no customer research review sites are downgrading Linnworks to JUNK status.

Storefeeder is looking like a good replacement for us, have had discussions with them over the last few days and there doesnt seem to be any thing it cant do that Linnworks does for me, Looks a lot more polished and robust than .net. Storefeeder are coming to see me on Wednesday (they are not too far from me) so we can make a final decision but I am liking the way they go about things, It's going to cost about £50 a month more than I am paying LW now, but I think I will get more use out of their system than I do out of Linnworks. And £600 a year more is MUCH better than £14,000

Matthew Smith

Someone inside linnworks probably sat down and  thought that they don't want customers like us, either that or they have no idea how amazon/ ebay marketplace works and think we are all minting it.

We're a high volume, low value seller, and we will be hitting the 5500+ orders mark soon. So our price goes from £150 a month to... £14500?! 

Needless to say we will be jumping ship much like the others. Completely agree this seems to be some sort of move to ostracise high volume/low value sellers.

Currently looking at alternatives, on my list at the moment: Cloud Commerce, Khaos Cloud, Selro, Veeqo and Store Feeder. Anybody have any positive experience with these?

Man, I'm absolutely raging about this new price rip off! 

Looking at it, we've just spent the last 4 years funding and beta testing all these new features for Linnworks. Patiently waiting for numerous dev tickets to get fixed (none have been fixed to date). 

Pay per order?? What the actual...??? Nice incentive to NOT grow your business, "yeah, ideally we'd rather keep you at the same number of orders as we can't handle the extra data load, oh and while I think of it, let's keep your inventory capped too"

This comparison page is an actual joke: so for an extra £300 pm you basically get the same old 'custom report box' (that you have to pay an SQL dev to make scripts for you if you don't know advanced SQL) which is pretty useless anyway if we are honest. You get 'parental control' on users accounts to stop them accidentally breaking the fragile systems. Oh, and you get a new niche way to get you out of trouble if your crap at forecasting stock levels with "Just In Time Ordering before I get fired for being useless". Sorry, where is the £3,600 of extra value? It sure ain't in having the extra order or inventory numbers. 

Every year the Linnworks offering gets more and more restricted, the last big idea was: "Hey lets not actually add new features, let's make a marketplace where others will make semi-useless or niche apps that the customer has to pay extra for! HA!". 

A lot of these new features they talk about on the youtube videos are great and stuff we need as retailers (lots of it should have been available from the start) but most of it is so far behind in development that we haven't seen the release. Who remembers the long promised and hotly anticipated "Grid Analytics"?? We had been promised an amazing way to drill down into our data but now looks like this won't be happening. The over-reliance on spreadsheet imports to do simple bulk changes is worrying, the basic core functionality is lacking with no plan to improve. Thankfully Google Sheets don't charge for usage, that really would render Linnworks unviable!


My guess is they majorly over spent developing features that required a major core overhaul, this has ultimately resulted in a budget deficit and investors want a return. The only option at this point is to hike the price to keep going. 

In my opinion, Linnworks doesn't currently deliver the core functionality to justify the new pricing, they don't care about helping to grow your business and the development stream is too slow and flawed. 

As Duncan Bannatyne says: "for that reason, I'm oot."

what gets me is the way linnworks have done this, I appreciate the reason they gave me that the high volume sellers are slowing the system down due to the load on servers but surely there was another way around this, maybe they could have increased the price for higher volume, but to set the cap at 1500 orders a month is ridiculous and then they told me I'm getting such a bargain because new users (i doubt there will be many now) are only getting a 1000 orders for £150 a month. It smacks of a company that are so out of touch with the customer base it's beyond belief,

Lets be perfectly honest having looked at some of the competition is a monstrosity, I've never liked it and we've always used desktop, surely that tells you something when people would rather use their old system instead of the new.

ah well nothing lasts forever, we've all got a lot of work ahead of us but I'm sure it will be for the better without linnworks.

oh yeah they were supposed to ring me back after i spoke to our newly appointed account manager but that didn't happen either..pathetic

Just got off the phone after my one to one meeting.  I explained we were looking at an increase from £1,800 to about £7,500 (due to the £450 a month sub exceeding max orders in Oct - Dec). I asked what additional service was being provided to justify the price: None.  She did say she might be able to rustle up some additional orders per month in our allocation, but the move from £150 a month to £450 a month was not negotiable.

I asked why the company was ignoring this forum rather than replying here. She says because they are approaching everyone offline one-to-one. I pointed out this was a stupid approach because people are literally attacking the company and leaving one star reviews everywhere they can and the only way to prevent this is to address the problem. She will pass this on, but marketing have basically decided this is the correct approach.

I told her she should update her CV because customer service will be the first to go when there are no customers left!  lol

She insists more than 50% will see a price reduction. Yeah right! 

The ONLY USEFUL INFO.....   your billing date will actually dictate your leaving day... so these changes hit on 21st August... but my billing date is 15th of each month, which means I am good until 15th September, not 21st August.  A little more time to make the transition to Selro.

Good luck all!

Sounds like they need to fire the marketing department too, I am sure there are many people like me who go along to amazon and ebay events will talk about the experience and Linnworks will be cast in a very poor light. I know in seller council this year we discussed software and at that time Linnworks wasnt on the list of ones to be avoided. I know when I go next time I will be sure to mention this whole experience so that other sellers are aware of what has happened. 

If I heard a company had treated its customers in the way LW has done then we would steer well clear.

Leaving people to fume over this while they await there phone call is a VERY POOR DECISION. People can now write quite openly on reviews that Linnworks REFUSED to comment on their own Forums post about a serious issue...

If 50% received a price reduction then they are in even more trouble as those customers will be staying put with their discount and nearly everyone who had a huge increase (a large portion of the other 50%) will ultimately leave - where is that going to leave them? Does not seem very smart to me...

"She insists more than 50% will see a price reduction. Yeah right!  "

I wonder how. Since the last price hike (2016 - i believe) isn't the £150 + VAT is cheapest package? If after this new price hike, the cheapest package remains £150 then how is it is reduction in price for anyone? Or currently, over 50% of Linnworks customers have no more than 1500 orders A MONTH BUT they signed up for more than the 2 users, so currently they are paying more than £150? Why do they need more than 2 users to process no more than 50 orders a day?  (surely, there are some exceptions where more then 2 users required for that many orders, but more than 50% of linnworks customers??) Is it just me, or it doesn't make any sense?

I have been left a message by Sam from Linnworks that they can reduce our £200 -> £450 increase by £80 for the first year.....

Still looks like Selro @ £149 then with unlimited everything and 5 users as we only use 3. Does mean we have to bolt-on Eposnow but that is only an extra £25 p/m and got to be better than the abandoned Linnworks EPOS so we will still be better off all round £174!

Everything happens for a reason, no pain no gain!

Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to dump out all your Linnworks data before migrating. I am thinking I am going to get customers chasing up old Invoices at some point and I may need to access an "old defunct Linnworks order". Although much is available on the channel, I just know at some point I am going to wish I had access to this data.

I've got as far as thinking I may need to modify some of my sql queries to do this, am I over thinking this? Is there any easier way?




Here's linnworks CEO saying they'll never do what they've just gone and done!!

The amount of Hypocrisy at around 12 minutes is astonishing!!!

I’m in a similar position as most others on here, a price hike from £150 to £450 for exactly the same product. Obviously I’ll be switching to another software supplier. I’ve been using the free trial of Orderhive today and it’s very good. It’s very user friendly and does everything that we were doing in Linnworks. Pricing will be similar to our current Linnworks price.

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