New Pricing What A Joke!

.....We have listened to you, we want to help small businesses, reward your loyalty, total crap!

Our subscription is due to increase from £200 to £450 that is a 125% increase, I will just repeat that, 125%!!

Your order volume breaks are well out of line unless you are a bedroom eBayer

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Storefeeder is looking like a viable option and significantly cheaper than my new LOYALTY Linnworks prices, Seems to get generally positive reviews and now owned by Royal Mail (not sure if that is a good thing or not!)

This could really back fire on Linnworks, Moving Software Providers comes with risk and stress and so often I have thought about moving but ended up thinking better the devil you know. BUT

Linnworks by doing this too me (and others) you have provided the motivation to find an alternative, I now have 14000 reasons to deal with a stressful move.

AND I have found several alternatives which may be viable, selro which is much cheaper and storefeeder looks goods and has an android app which would be fab for stocktaking.

The reason this may back fire on you is that even you do something about these prices tomorrow morning it may be too late!

I've looked at some new software tonight and I've decided on one, it's going to cost me about a third of linnworks and with unlimited products, up to 5000 orders a month. I really don't get linnworks, they pushed it in 2016 when they changed subscription levels and now they've done it again. My subscription is up on the 5th June so I'm going to start transferring to the new software on the 1st June, I'll close down for a day or two however the money I'll save in the long run will outweigh closing down for a couple of days. The software I'm going to use looks 10 times more user friendly than I'm expecting a call tomorrow from linnworks but unless they can really offer me something worth staying for I'm finally going to bite the bullet.

A break down of todays announcement


Today we're introducing a new set of pricing plans for our products and services.


>>Gentle Start



These plans are designed to reflect your own operational use of Linnworks, and provide flexibility for your business.


>>Seams Reasonable



For the majority of you, the price you pay will stay the same or decrease.


>>Great, I must be in the majority



And for some, there will be an increase.



>> Oh sh*t a 500% increase, 14 thousand pound increase.



But we believe that the new pricing plans are a fairer way to price our products and services, and will ultimately help you sell better.


>>So fair that you will have to lay off half your part time work force, you wont have enough staff staff to fulfil your orders or even pay your rent, but thats OK because I am getting a fantastically better product for my extra 14K....oh no its the same product.

Matthew Clemes do you mind me asking which one you settle on?

Yes, Selro, it seems to have everything we need, I'm just confirming some things with selro to ensure it has the functionality we need, if so we will be good to go, it's compatible with quickbooks, it has royal mail integration, You can import inventory, orders, stock levels, suppliers etc.

Well, after nearly 6 years of being a loyal Linnworks customer is seems like they have lost me. The previous "new" pricing structure was weighted in their favour, and cost us around £1100 more than we previously paid. This "Fair pricing for all our customers" we estimate will cost us another £10,000 per year! So to get this straight, in 2017, we paid £2,331.61 inc VAT, 2018 we paid £3,448.90 Inc VAT and if we want to stay in the Loyalty Linnworks advanced plan it will be £13,500 (I presume plus VAT) due to the volume of sales we do (around 130,000 per year). I can understand a price increase every now and again but a £10k increase! Get real guys, people will be leaving in their droves, us included.

I seriously hope the Linnworks gods see sense and retract this pricing structure. We have until July to find a new order management partner unless things drastically change. If anyone at Linnworks reads this, its the restrictive "Orders per year" which is tipping the balance for us.

Does anyone know what happens if you have more than 500K products?  Is that the enterprise version then?

I was shocked seeing this. Loyal customer since the start - don't want to move but pricing like this will make it costly and 80% of linnworks features we do not use.

Total joke. I will also be leaving before paying £450pm+ Loyal customer of 7 years. Bye bye linnworks. Will be an inconvenience but worth it for the saved £££ Pretty shitty start to a week.
So, after doing some reading about this price increase, it seems like Linnworks want to hit their low volume sellers by charging a minimum of £450 per month AND also hit their larger sellers who are selling more and therefore taking more server power/space by taking them into £15,000 per annum territory. No one wins with this new pricing structure, except Linnworks if they can keep any customers after this. If anyone is better off with the new pricing, please post your story on here as I would be keen to learn of any examples of how us as customers are better off after this move.

You can imagine all the great PR this is going to get on review sites.

"....Linnworks rewards it's loyal customers with £10,000 price increases...."

"...beware just when you get everything working as you want you will get hit with a 500% price increase..."

"... Linnworks will out of the blue hike prices for no new functionality...."

"...I was a loyal customer for x years and then linnworks decided I didnt fit their business model and gave me 3 months to quit..."

"....Most expensive software for functions you will never use...."

"....Used to use Linnworks, software worked quite well, but xxxxxxx software is 90% cheaper..."

Come on Linnworks sort this out


Good point Luke,

 if you are in the "majority" that is unaffected or getting a reduction please post?


I have already got my 2 cents in on Trustpilot. New customers need to be aware of how they gloss up a massive price increase as an improved pricing structure. How Linnworks can hand on heart push this as a loyality program or as Callum states "For the majority of you, the price you pay will stay the same or decrease". I have just lost the respect I had for Linnworks in the space of reading an email and watching a 43 second video.

For now I vented on this forum only, waiting to see what Linnworks' is response is tomorrow before I post anything any where else.

If this is a genuine miscalculation then they will fix the promptly and properly

If this is deliberate then at least I will know they are trying to get rid of volume sellers.

I want to add that after researching Selro they seem like the best move at least for us. I am sure Linnworks calculated the percentage of lost customers with the increase of costs and the bottom line made sense on paper, however I think they are forgetting the negative press they will soon get with their new outrages pricing. This whole thing was not well thought out and I think they need to look up the word "loyalty" again because they seem to have it confused with swindling. 

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