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 We list our products on eBay UK, DE, ES, FR, IT, USA, CA, AU and other eBay sites, in Linnlive there were country filter where we were able to filter by country which SKU we have listed on specific country and which not.

In there is no country filter and we are unable to filter which SKU is listed on each eBay site and which not.

Because of this we are not able to list our in-stock items on other eBay sites and it is affecting our sales big.

Please work on this request and please apply country filter in .net ASAP

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AGREED, been waiting ages for this, we had this funtionality before Linnlive was taken away from us and it needs to be reinstated urgently.  We used to have 40k listings and now we can't list its down to about 22k, seriously affecting our business


We are aware that this presents a bit of an issue for some sellers. I am discussing what we can do in a short term with the team now. Will keep you posted.

The same feature is requested and is planned: 

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