My Inventory - eBay filter with subsource

Linnworks Desktop > LinnLive > Inventory, had the option to filter 'Not Listed: Ebay' - {Subsource}

This is not possible to do on

It is impossible to list products to eBay without filtering subsource.

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Hi Chetan,

Is this because on it shows all eBay subsources as one channel field in my inventory?

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Charlie McBroom


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Hi Charlie,

Yes, correct. shows all ebay subsources as one channel field. 



I also asked for this, still waiting, can't list without making duplicates because we can't filter out the already listed, nightmare

Just to confirm, are you referring to exact eBay Site Id for example US, GB, ES etc ? My Inventory allows add each eBay subsource (channel) as separate column, but since all eBay sites integrated under the same channel integration, My Inventory doesn't have functionality to add each eBay site as seperate column, I am afraid. This is something I have asked the dev team to evaluate and provide some ETA as to when it can be implemented. I will keep you posted when I hear from them. 

The work is scheduled to add this functionality. It is rather difficult one to get done and do it right, therefore it will take some time to fully implement. The team will work on it in stages, first we will implement filtering by eBay site, then splitting eBay channel into separate columns. 

Job card has been created, you can raise a support ticket and ask to be tagged in BRAVO-614 card to be automatically notified when the feature has been released.

Any news on this - it's really urgent for us and we have been waiting over a year for .net to have the same functionality as desktop had - we have gone backwards in this respect.  Linnlive shouldn't have been removed from Desktop until .net was running with the same functionality.

Our busiest month is October, we think we are going to miss a lot of sale opportunities by not being able to list - this will in fact cost us thousands.  I can't stress how important this is.

Happy to work in BETA mode if we can get the job done.

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