Please fix File Imports.

First let me just say that the data Import & Export in LW is mostly excellent. 

Sadly it's ruined by a couple of small bugs that don't seem to ever get fixed.

These bugs have caused me to waste so much time over the years. You have no idea.


I have 20 or so scheduled imports. The summary file reports success. as below.


on further investigation in the sessions log we have a file with a file to download. This is our only clue that something is not right.


Download the file and then there is a list of 2 or 3 errors out of 1500 or so rows

  • So why didn't it just report failure?
  • In addition, it should do what it can and then give a list of failed imported records.

These two flaws are absolutely fatal if one wants to have full data automation.

I hope something can be done about this. To me, it does not look a huge fix

In fact what would really work well is if instead of always reporting success in the summary. If it linked to a list of JUST a summary of the errors.

Straight away then we have what we need to get things working rather than this triple-blind experience of hunting out a report downloading it scrolling down thousands of lines to find the culprit.

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