Rules Engine by Channel Reference Number

Please can someone help me.


We have set up now a new website, which is using the same backend as our old website. So they are basically sharing the same channel integration with Linnworks. 

The only way in Linnworks to differentiate from which website the order comes from is by looking at the first few characters in the channel reference numbers.


A while ago I have set up all the shipping rules in the rules engine, per which channel goes with which courier, and it was working really well.


However, now when I want to set up which website goes with which courier I'm struggling.


I was sure that it's going to be a simple task, like instead of me making the condition per source and sub source, I'll just make the condition per reference number.


But I can't seem to see an option to make the condition per reference number.


This is a big shame.


Please tell me that there's a solution for this?


Indeed, there is no option to base your conditions on the reference numbers in Rules Engine. It is not a very common practice to evaluate them as usually they are just a random set of numbers that do not say much about the orders themselves.

There would be a possibility however to automate this with a custom script instead. For more information about this please submit a support ticket in Customisation/Scripting category.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

Hi Isaac :)

Scripting is one way but using the rules engine you may be able to split the orders out using the following:

SKUs or Categories: If the products are different on the different sites then you could split them this way.

Shipping Services: Does your website allows for different shipping services for the front end? Ie in the backend you could have the tags Standard A for the first site and Standard B for the second site. This then can be mapped on the channel integration.

Which platform are you using for your sites?

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


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