Order appearing in "Open Orders" that hasn't been paid for...

We've had an order this weekend on Ebay & it has come through as a "Paypal E-cheque". Paypal are saying the payment should clear around the 21st December & not to post the order until that point.

The same order in Ebay is showing as "Awaiting Payment" so both Ebay & Paypal are saying the same thing.

So why is it in my Linnworks "Open Orders" and is showing as "Paid" when it isn't?

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your question. I have checked your Open Orders screen but didn't find any orders with Paid status thus I could not provide an investigation.

Please let us know the order ID if this happens again and screenshot from eBay.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

Hi Julietta,

It's happened again - order placed in Ebay but payment is a Paypal E-cheque and is sat in Ebay in the "Awaiting Payment" bit rather than the "Awaiting Dispatch" bit. In Linnworks though it's sat in with all the "Ready to Process" orders.

Do you have an email I could send the screenshots & order information too - I'm not overly comfortable with sharing customer details on an open forum...

Kind regards,


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