Walmart Sales tax from downloaded orders doesn't match the total for the order

 We are trying your system and we realized that the orders that are being downloaded from Walmart do not match the real total in Walmart.

The problems seems to be in the Sales tax numbers, for example I am attaching a screenshot of the order and the information in Walmart:

Order 2783250452859

Price Details
Subtotal $45.54
Tax $5.74
Shipping $13.61
Total $64.89

From your file:

Total Shipping: 14.93
Individual Line tax sum: 4.42
Order Tax: 5.63

The total tax is off by some cents and we could manipulate the total with calculations internally but also the shipping total is off so we are not able to do anything. It seems the problem is that the shipping comes with Tax? if the shipping will be the correct amount we could determine the other values ourselves.

But of course, it will be better if the problem is fixed in regards to the taxes to show the correct amounts to match the order in Walmart.

Hello Ricardo, 

The total shipping is calculated as (13.61 + 1.32) = 14.93 which is correctly displayed in order details. Indeed, the tax is applied to the shipping cost because that's how Walmart submits the order information into Linnworks (right-click on the order - View - View order xml). Screenshot is attached. If it's not correct please contact Walmart to find out why did they send the wrong information.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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