Cancel tracking number information from Amazon to eBay

Hello everybody! 

I have Amazon and eBay on my account and I want that the information about the tracking number that is received from Amazon won't be sent to eBay. 

Anybody know if it is possible and how to do it? 

Please let me know if my question is not clear enough. 

Thanks in advance! 

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There is no default functionality to achieve this, but I can think of 2 workarounds:

1. Printing label will record tracking number in Tracking Number field in order details. Before processing an order you can remove tracking number from an order and then process it. You can always find tracking number in your manifest.

2. Process an order before printing a label. This will also mark order as shipped without a tracking number. Label can be printed from Processed Orders, but tracking number won't be sent to your selling channel. Please note that you can't bulk print labels from Processed Orders or change postal service.

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Shipping Support

Hi Anton, 

Thank you very much for your answer! 

Maybe it will help if I explain the way I use these systems. 

I'm selling on eBay and sending from Amazon. All the products are stored and sent from Amazon. 

The data of every order that I receive on eBay is being sent automatically to Amazon. Then, after it has been sent by Amazon on post, the data of the tracking number is being sent automatically back to eBay. 

I want to know if it is possible not to send the data of the tracking number but only to send the data that says that the package has been sent. 

Thanks a lot and hope it is clearer now. 


As I can see you are using Amazon FBA to fulfill your orders. Amazon is sending tracking number to Linnworks and order is getting processed automatically. After that Linnworks is sending dispatch note with the tracking number to eBay marking it as shipped.  

A workaround would be to completely disable dispatch notes for your eBay integration in Linnworks, but then you would need to process orders manually. I can't see any other ways of not sending tracking number to eBay.

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Shipping Support

Hi Anton, 

Thank you very much for all the help and information, you helped a lot! 



Ilya this will effect your account performance if you dont providing the tracking numbers to eBay.

Actually eBay requires to send the tracking number + carrier to eBay. However, Linnworks fails to send the carrier. The problem is documented here earlier:

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