Support for scripts NOW PAYABLE !!!

 I have a few scripts and lately one hasn't been running, this is not the first time... The last time it stopped because there was an inventory level that wasn't compatible and there was a change made to the script to fix that... It has now stopped firing again and this time I was told it would cost me £100 to investigate the cause...

So the script that I already paid for is now going to cost me another £100 to fix, as far as i can see there is no way to debug this script not running with it's currently config so just wondered if anyone else has been cornered like this by Linnworks...

Fair enough if things had changed with the script but changes on the system are sometimes not noticeable and plus there is NO way to debug as far as I can see.

Yet again another attempt to cream in more money from us when we are already paying way over the odds for a system that is driven forward solely by Linnworks and our input is not acted on and I am starting to feel used more and more by this software company.


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Every script has a 365-days guarantee. In case the script has stopped working because of changes made by Linnworks, your script will be fixed for free. If there are changes made by the user, then there is a charge depending on how much work this for the team. The scripting maintenance service is for the customers that have a lot of scripts and need regular updates and/or maintenance on them, that is what that contract is for, often this actually works out cheaper for our customers!

I see you have an open ticket regarding your script, I will contact you there today to go over the specifics of your case.  

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