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Pre-order items from an open purchase order

Hi, We have a section on our website for pre-release items. Which is basically for products that haven’t been released yet, but we have an open purchase order for a limited amount, let’s say 12 units. So if the purchase order is due to arrive on the 5th, and today is the 1st then the product on the website will read “released in 4 days” etc. Long story short, the problem is that Linnworks doesn’t have an option for this. So on the website we can manually set the stock to 12, and put a release date, which would be the date that the stock is due to arrive. However, as soon as we link the product with Linnworks, (of which Linnworks has 0 stock, as it’s only on a purchase order) then the listing on the website will go inactive/out of stock. And the whole purpose of the pre-release function will be wasted. My question is, can we expect to see Linnworks giving us the option to sell products that are just on a purchase order, although the stock isn’t yet in the chosen location? For now, our only solution is to either not link this product with Linnworks, and keep selling it on the website with our manual set stock. Or our other option is to start receiving the purchase order, as if the goods are already received. Please tell me if there’s a more efficient way to do this, or if we can see some feature added in the near future. Thanks IK

Hi Isaac,

Does the website you use support custom stock statuses? Our website allows us to set the stock status to something custom like "Due in 1-2 weeks" or "Pre-Order" or "Cupcakes" if we really wanted.

We use a scheduled CSV export from Linnworks using the expression feature. The export is simply the SKU and either "Out of Stock", "In Stock" or "Pre-Order" depending on if that SKU is due. That CSV is then automatically uploaded to our site which changes the custom stock status of each SKU to whatever is in the export. 

Kind Regards,


hi Isaac,

the easiest solution through Linnworks is to create a location called "Pre-Release" and include in here stock levels you require for your website.

You can then include this as an additional location for stock levels to send to your site.

Once the purchase order arrives and you book the stock into your default location you can then the zero the stock in your "Pre-Release" location.



Hi Mark,

Belated thanks for your answer.

Yes, in theory, this might work. But in reality, it's a bit more complicated.

What will happen is, the orders for the pre-released items will come in to the default location, so the pre-release section will always have the same 12 units available, as the orders that come in to the default location will not be deducted from the pre-release location.

Am I making any sense?



Hi Isaac,

Thanks for replying to this. We don't have any plans to implement anything like this, however this may change if we see in increase in demand.

Hi Chris,

Do you mind elaborating?

Are we the only seller selling stuff pre-release?



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