Add "Supplier Name" to list of filters on custom inventory view tabs

Please add "Supplier Name" to the list of filters on the inventory view tabs. This will allow us to filter products by supplier and then stack by stock level, giving a quick way to see what needs ordering in.

There is "Supplier Code" as an option but this won't achieve the same result.


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I am amazed that Linnworks does not permit addition of Supplier Name, Supplier Code and Supplier Price as columns and filters in Inventory view. These are essential when needing to quickly identify items that need to be reordered from different suppliers. We reorder stock manually (I mean without needing any kind of PO integration with our suppliers' systems) but we need to be able to scan down the inventory and quickly see items low on stock and know details of the suppliers alongside the items. I'm sure we must be typical of many other users in this regard. I strongly support this feature request and would urge for this change request to be adopted as quickly as possible.

Hi Will,

We have the same need, but we've worked out a pretty decent way of doing it without extra features. 

Step 1. Add a supplier extended property to all your items. eg. Name- Supplier, Value - Supplier 1, Type - Attribute. We did this using the import tool to save time.

Step 2. Create a new view in the 'My Inventory' screen and click 'Add New' in the 'Filters' section. 

Step 3. Click on the 'Extended Properties' tab and select the 'Supplier' extended property and click 'Add Selected'

Step 4. Type the suppliers name into the 'Value' box. Eg Supplier 1

Step 5. Click 'Save' and there you have it! A view with all the items from that supplier.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the support on this Rob & Harry! 

Harry, we have done exactly the same 'hack' to get around this!

Rob, we are in the same situation, PO integration is way to advanced for most of our suppliers so we too manually eyeball and order accordingly.

How about it then Linnworks? 

seems so easy, pity it takes users to find workarounds for what should be a basic - 'inventory by supplier' who wouldn't think that is useful?!

Come on Linnworks, you can see this is a pretty popular requirement and hopefully shouldn't be too difficult in terms of further development. The relevant data fields are already there. We just need the ability to add them as "view" columns

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