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A simple option to click the header and have items sort alphabetically instead of these silly little up and down arrows is all we require. 

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When listing to Shopify we used to sort our inventory page by SKU and then when we made the shopify template, the variant child products were sorted in SKU order alphabetically. 

I see you now have a sort order feature to the shopify listings and sorting them alphabetically by SKU on the inventory screen before creating the template no longer works, The variants on the shopify template are in a random order and to sort them we have to click the arrow keys many times to move things up or down. 

Is there any quick way to set the order of product variants when making a shopify template? If we have to click all these little arrows for every product, it would take a very long time.


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I am having the same issue.

I have new products that I would like to list to Shopify. All of the new products have child SKUs and they are all in a completely random order in the template screen, which would look unproffessional when listed. Clicking up and down arrows for every single listing is going to take forever. There must be a way to add a sort order, maybe with extended properties? I have a ticket open regarding this issue. I will update here if I find anything out.

We absolutely agree with this, the arrows up and down are awful and can a long time to arrange when you have listing with lots of options.

Some kind of 'Sorting' could potentially work, proving you can sort for multiple columns when you have multiple options.

If sorting isn't possible, then at the very least it needs a 'Drag & Drop' system instead of the arrows, it would then be much faster to arrange them.

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