Open Orders Screen Display and Filters Update

1.Can you figure out a way to display the full product title in the .net open orders screen, the same way that Amazon and eBay display the full title, and the same way that the old desktop version displays the full product title? For example, by continuing the title on the next line (instead of ending the title half way through with ...), it would make better use of the extra white space.

2. On the Customer Details section in the .net open orders screen, instead of having the title "shipping address" in bold font on each order, how about displaying the customers name in bold and increasing the font size of the customers name so it is easier to see this.

3. The top filters. Creating numerous tabs to try to cover every permutation that you may require to filter on in day to day processing is just not as efficient in daily use as the old desktop version is. This needs to go. Look at Amazons new open order display. This is the look you need to replicate, and bring the left hand side filters back, like the desktop version, they make more sense.

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