.NET on Google Chrome intermittent freezing?

Recently we have been experiencing linnworks.net momentarily freezing up for up to 10 seconds every few minutes, only seems to happen when using Chrome v69, seems fine in Safari. Seems to be happening on 2 MacBook pro's regardless of the network used, also noticed on a PC desktop computer we have.

Hoping it's not just us!


I am sorry to hear that you are having issues using .net.

I have accessed your account and browsed it for several minutes  by opening multiple tabs and running searches everywhere, however, could not notice any freezing whatsoever which suggests that the issue must be local.

Firstly, please try to clear cache on the browser for all time. If this does not help, in order to resolve the issue please first  uninstall your Chrome and re-install the newest, version 70 browser.

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

It does seem to be an intermittent problem which makes it harder to replicate. Still getting periods of freezing despite updating Chrome and clearing cache. When I get a freeze up I check to see if other sites work and they seem normal and Linnworks seems fine in Safari. This week has been much better to be fair, performance has been as expected.

Could it be when there are updates happening to Linnworks?


It can be related sometimes but we do report such issues on the Status Page then.

I am sorry for the caused inconveniences.

Kind regards,

Julietta K

Technical Support

I have been experiencing this too - Usually, a Ctrl Shift R does the trick in chrome

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