Import Open orders with drag and drop .csv

Loved the new feature of purchase orders where you can drag and drop csv file, quickly map columns and  it's done! Easy to use, simple and very efficient!

I hope something similar can be done with "Open orders" For example we have to make orders that contain 20-100 products in them and most of the times we do have csv for that. The current Open order import seems bit too complex since in csv you have to create columns for - date, currency, shipping address line by line, billing address etc... 
It would be great If you could

  • Open New order.
  • Drag csv file containing vital info just like the new PO import ( SKU / Quantity / Price / Vat Rate)
  • Fill in remaining info such as reference, subsource, Shipping/billing address ( basically the whole top bit)

Thank you for your consideration!

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Dragging in open orders will be helpful for smaller market places that don't have an easy to use API such as eBid

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