eBay Changing Order items without letting us know

if we change something in an order, in regards to the items in the order, so lets say a customer order 2 black iPhone cases, then messages and says hey can i have 1 black and 1 red. So we go and manually change the order. take 1 black out and put 1 red in. What is currently happening is once we do this, and the system resyncs with eBay, it puts the original order back in which was 2 x Black and keeps the new item we added in which was 1 x Red, so in total the customer now gets 3 items

we've had this many times and have had to put order notes on any orders we've changed, we then read through the order notes before printing to make sure that the order is correct

we was previously told that when the resync happens this is going to happen which is a useless reply and obviously is a flaw in the system

please also note, if we changed the customers address on the order, and the system resyncs with eBay, it does not change the order back to the original one

so if it can keep the order changes regarding the address, then why can't it do the same regarding any item changes within the order??

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We have the extact same issue, it is causing issues with customer possible getting incorrect and more items than they should on their order.

Or later it looks link the customer got an item that they did'nt. which can affects resends on orders.

Yes we've had this problem as well.

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