Support for Shopify POS (Point of Sale)

We would like for Linnworks to add support for Shopify POS orders and make this work like the Linnworks EPOS module e.g Process the order straight away and place the completed order into Processed Orders.

Currently Linnworks won't download the Shopify POS orders as they don't have a shipping address assigned to the order with this been a POS sale.

The Shopify POS app is a huge leap forward as opposed to the Linnwork EPOS module we currently use.

Hopefully there is enough interest in this to get Linnworks to Implement this feature.

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We would be very interested in this happening as well.

I definitely agree that this is something that is needed!  We sell through the Shopify POS system at trade shows and in our showroom and this would definitely save having to process orders every time.


We are currently finalising Shopify POS integration and would like to invite anyone who wants to participate in BETA testing with us. 

If you are interested, please email us directly to


VakeApps Team

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