new pop up window appeared on .net

Started to try to process orders on Frday morning 14th September and met with a NEW pop up page to print labels ? We normally are able to highlight all orders then the system automatically shows invoice, label then process which is done simply by tapping the space bar to print the label then process the order.  It now takes 20 seconds to pint one invoice & label.

Opened a ticket at 8.44am , still no fix. 

Has anyone else ever experienced this ? 

See attached NEW pop up and also the original print PDF which now only appears after clicking print at top right on the NEW pop up. 

Hello David, 

One of our agents has sent a reply to the ticket on the same day as it was created.

The issue is already identified and is related to the latest Chrome browser update.

We will let you know in the ticket one it is fixed.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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