Save open order views so you can use them on multiple PC's

I think it would be a good idea if you could save open order views on the cloud so other users can download and use. Its a real pain having to change or setup multiple PCs so being able to download a template of the view would save a lot of time and hassle.

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Defiantely a good idea. Also the my inventory screen, if we create specialized custom tabs, we should also get an option to copy this over to other accounts

They announced at Linn Academy that this would be released as part of the Open orders screen update coming out soon.

That's great news!

Whilst a simple "copy view from team member" solution would vastly improve the situation, I think the ideal solution would be a centralised view management dashboard for team admins to be able to create and modify a standard set of views for inventory and open order screens, which individual team members could then opt in / out of

Hi Rodney,

with the new Open Orders screen the plan will be for a system administrator to be able to create views which they can share with Users or User Groups. A shared view can not be edited by anyone other than a system administrator. Furthermore, I believe it will also be possible to restrict certain Users or User Groups from being able to define their own views.



Perfect! What's the timeline on this new open orders screen looking like?

That sounds perfect - do we have an ETA for this, please

Many thanks



Have we got any updates on this?

Many thanks,


Any news on this?

Hi everyone, As of yesterday, views within the beta open orders screen can now be shared with other users as an individual or an entire group. There is also the ability to copy, hide and reorder the views on a per user basis. If you'd like to restrict your users from creating or copying their own views, their access can be revoked by using the View Manager permission within user management. As usual, we'd love to hear your feedback on this functionality. Matt

Hi Matt. Had a little play with it and it seems to work OK for what we use it for. Could do with the option to add more of the action buttons ie Merge order and Select all.

The ability to to re-position the buttons and views in the new open order screen would help. Also the views take up to much room so you end up with a dropdown at the side that could be avoided if we could resize them.

Good Morning Marc,

The ability to re position views on a per user basis is possible by dragging them in the left hand menu of the view manager.

As for the buttons sorting, more actions and view overflow, all of these have already been considered and will be part of further development.


Can more than user have permision to edit the same view that has been shared betwen two users please?

**more than ONE user** sorry

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