Show all my products FROM SAME SUPPLIER! Need it when I place orders, talk to vendors, etc!

Linnworks staff said 'there is no demand for this'.  I don't believe them.

Retailers have a multitude of reasons they want to look at their inventory and filter by SUPPLIER. 

Only filter currently available is 'supplier code'.  I don't want to filter by their code/Sku, I want to see everything i get from this or that supplier for various inventory decisions from ordering to price shopping!

Please agree with me that we need this filter added as an inventory FILTER in

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I use this script below to show all of my stock from a specific supplier.  Works great and easily modified.  Replace the "Supplier ABC" with the supplier you to filter. The name has to match exactly for this work.








SupplierName = isnull(sup.SupplierName,''),


from stockitem si

inner join stocklevel sl on sl.fkstockitemid = si.pkstockitemid

inner join ProductCategories c on c.CategoryId = si.CategoryId

left outer join ItemSupplier s on s.fkStockItemId = si.pkstockitemid

left outer join Supplier sup on sup.pkSupplierID = s.fkSupplierId

left outer join StockLocation l on l.pkStockLocationId = sl.fkStockLocationId

where si.bLogicalDelete =0 and sup.SupplierName='Supplier ABC';

Hi Brendan,

We have the same need, but we've worked out a pretty decent way of doing it without extra features. 

Step 1. Add a supplier extended property to all your items. eg. Name- Supplier, Value - Supplier 1, Type - Attribute. We did this using the import tool to save time.

Step 2. Create a new view in the 'My Inventory' screen and click 'Add New' in the 'Filters' section. 

Step 3. Click on the 'Extended Properties' tab and select the 'Supplier' extended property and click 'Add Selected'

Step 4. Type the suppliers name into the 'Value' box. Eg Supplier 1

Step 5. Click 'Save' and there you have it! A view with all the items from that supplier.

Hope that helps.


Smart Alex, but I'm annoyed that you or I would need to go to that much should be provided by linnworks as a search - just a field of data needs added...... not a bunch of GUI change!

Very true Brendan. I can't see it being a massive job to add it in and it would be a nice feature. Although that being said, having the supplier as an extended property on each product does have a few other uses, especially within the Rules Engine and reporting. 


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