Reorder Point Feature Request

This suggestion is intended for Adam Cole in reference to your Reorder Point video with Chris Gates.

First, thank you so much for working on analytics and forecasting for inventory and PO!

Improvements to the Purchase Order functionality on .net have been needed and this is definitely a great step in the right direction.


  1. Very important for all FBA sellers!!! - Include FBA sales into the daily consumption when FBA sales are available - this was sorely missed in the Desktop PO forecasting models
  2. Make a "Supplier" column available so that we can sort by supplier before creating POs from the Reorder Point View
  3. Calculate actual lead time per item based on PO creation date to first stock in date(in cases of split stock ins) - manually assigning lead time in the Supplier tab is sub-optimal and often prone to be incomplete

I am available to elaborate on any ideas if needed.  Thank you for your consideration of these suggestions.


Hi MJ, 

Thanks for the feedback, it was lovely to hear. 

I have some good news regarding your suggestions. FBA consumption should be recorded by default. You should be able to view it in MyInventory, the same as any other location. In time we will look at other ways to visualise the data.

I really like the idea of having a default supplier column. I think that having that would make filtering the data for reordering much easier. I'll look into the best way of doing this as soon as I can, but I don't know if we can hit the same ETA as creating POs. 

Your third suggestion is a little trickier. I know there's been a lot of work by other members of the team on POs recently, so I'll have to have a chat with them and see how feasible this is. 

Thanks again for the suggestions, 


"Suggestion 2 Make a "Supplier" column available. " Should be of high priority.

Stock reordering is the only thing I currently have to log into desktop for having migrated over to .net almost two years ago now.
Myself and I'm sure many others have waited patiently for purchase ordering  etc to be migrated over to .net with the same feature as desktop but to not include at launch would be criminal as we would still have to log into desktop. The adding to purchase order can wait however the need to filter the data by supplier is the main way you generate Purchase orders.

You look at supplier A and say right i need abcd and e and you then create a puchase order for it.

You do not do -  i need abcd an e and think right which supplier is A and which purchase order is it which supplier is B and so on.

Also having filter by supplier in inventory view would hopefully allow you to use the new copy and paste function in purchase orders until phase two is complete.

So it is a No Brainer!

I know I have already previously raised this issue so I 'm reiterating my point as I feel strongly that this needs to be pushed forward asap.

I am however very appreciative of all the work that has gone on behind the scenes to get the current feature to where they are now so well done guys.



@Adam I appreciate your reply.  Yes, the FBA location consumption has been recorded in item stats, but advanced reordering strategies in Desktop relied on:

  1. Default location sales history only (completely ignored FBA sales)
  2. Manually specified lead time in the supplier tab
This is why I mentioned points #1 and #3 - if they worked as suggested, would have a very strong reordering/PO functionality based on accurate data coming from actual business processes.
It is a strong selling point for anyone with more than basic PO needs, and the pain points show up after the shine of the sales functionality subsides for the LW subscriber.

Paul may agree, that the original Desktop promise of Optimal and Optimal + Safety stock was quite alluring, but it has fallen behind the evolving omni-channel marketplace needs of many sellers.

Thanks for giving me your ear on this, and looking forward to more great work from you guys!

@Paul Sounds like you have similar growing pains as we do.

Sometimes two heads are better than one when it comes to various issues with Linnworks.

Please drop me a skype message so we can chat sometime: sjaymoon



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