Application map linnworks desktop gone forever??? raise your voice here to have it back!

To all people who are using linnworks dektop and loved application map which is now discarded and replaced by home page with news and other useless information, not the one which you really need to operate daily inventory management tasks at the start of app. 

The 6 shortcuts were there for a reason. There were the most used modules by everyone: open orders, process orders, returns/refunds, purchase orders, my inventory, stock in. 


Now you have to go through the top menu and find desired future on daily bases which is annoying after so many years, we have been using the linnworks by 5 years now and lack of this functionality is a big backward step linnworks did. 

They said that they are not going to change it. 

Please raise here your voice and like the idea to give us back this functionality, this is our application and we are the users of linnworks, the new implementations should be done with thought about users not what developers, managers thinks it will be good for us, they are not going to use the software for work but us who perform daily work task and one of important practical use which was application map was taken from us!

I think Linnworks Desktop will be a thing of the past relatively soon, everything is heading towards .net. We are having to make some decisions soon about what we do for future proofing and are making arrangements to get as much converted to .net, if indeed we stick with Linnworks.

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