token renewal

does anyone know how i can tell when the token is about to expire for various channels linked to my linnworks, there has been a few times in the past in which the token has expired and it has been a few days before i noticed which meant orders were dispatched late.

Surely there is a way I can prevent this in the future?

Hello Ian,

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There are several reasons why token can get expired:

  • eBay tokens expire after 18 months
  • eBay revokes a token due to security reasons or a change in account details (password, business name, address, etc)
  • User revokes the token

If a token is expired, there will be an error message that can be seen in several parts of the system:

  • eBay Automation Logs
  • Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel > Test
  • When creating a listing

I am afraid, at this moment, there is not another way to check if the token is expired.

This information can be found in our solution article:

I hope this information is useful to you.

Please, let us know if you have further questions.

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