Royal Mail UNG and UNH Codes


We've been notified by Royal Mail they are moving Letters and Large Letters over to barcoded services later this year and are retiring the VAT Exempt BPL and BPR services, replacing them with VAT Exempt services UNG and UNH

However UNG and UNH arent present yet in Linnworks Royal Mail Integration, please can these be added?

Sub groups of these are:

*Letter & Large Letter formats

*Signed For


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Hi Mark,

We have contacted Royal Mail for clarification regarding these services, we will get back to you once we get a confirmation of any changes.


Chris Lee

Thanks very much

We have also been informed of this and the new service codes come with a saving of 2p per item

The integration of UNA and UNB ones would be useful to us as at present we would have to count the letters up and manually enter the amount into OBA at the end of day.

We're also waiting for this, raised a ticket about 4 months ago and got this as a reply:


We have raised this issue with Royal Mail and they confirmed that these services cannot be added to Linnworks because these are classed as letter services. The BPL / BPR services are the letter services that are available in Linnworks.

The only workaround is to add PPI image to an invoice, but then these orders won't appear in Royal Mail manifest. You will need to upload these orders manually to Royal Mail."

Considering STL and BPL ARE in linnworks and UNA/UNB are replacing them, the explanation of why they wont do it doesn't stack up.  90% of our products either fit in a letter or large letter and i'm fed up with counting post like it's 1990 :) 

Linnworks are still burying their heads in the sand about this... i've contacted Royal Mail in the hope they can convince Linnworks to update their systems and not loose functionality. 

This has come back up again today. Royal Mail have issued a 'Final Reminder' email saying that as of April 2020, BPL will be removed and replaced with UNG & UNH and STL will be replaced with UNA & UNB.
We still send some items that get classed as BPL, so can Linnworks confirm that
1) Some work has been done on this - in which case, what do I need to do
2) Something is going to be done quickly


Royal mail aren't allowing UNA and UNB to be used in integrations - ive been banging my head against a brick wall with this for some time now. Linnworks somewhat have their hands tied by this.

Only option it to manually sort, count and manifest the mail in OBA onc eyou switch to barcode PPI's - Royal Mail's version of progress - makes their life easier at everyone else's expence it seems. 

Hi Adam, it seems you have been fighting for this for a while whilst I buried my head in the sand along with Royal Mail who did the same and delayed it for a year or so.
So is it your understanding that this is beyond LW control?

Hi Gavin, yes unfortunatly it seems to rest with RM.  As STL and BPL (both of which weve used over the years) were in Linnworks it seemed reasonable that UNA, UNB etc would also emerge; so i gave LW a hard time via some tickets.  Their reply was that Royal Mail wouldnt allow them to be integrated as they were letter class codes, not parcels, the end.

It's a pain as a large % of what we produce and send happens to fit in a DL envelope and automating the manifest would save a bit of time every day.  Currently we have three separate manifests to do, two electronically via Linnworks and one manual on OBA, tisn't efficient!

Last reply from LW:


We have contacted Royal Mail twice regarding this. We cannot add a service to our integration without their permission. Also technically it won't work and manifest will be filed with errors. 

The workaround is to use letter services available in Linnworks or print PPI stamps on invoice and upload the data manually to Royal Mail.

Best regards,
Shipping Support

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