Assemble a kit and deduct quantity of child products

Hi, We have products that we assemble from some child products, before selling it. We can’t just sell the composition before having the assembled product. For example, in PC assembly, the kit is made up of a set of individually tracked hardware components and software. When you form a kit you consume and combine these items to produce the finished kit, which then becomes inventoried stock. Each individual stock item that forms the kit is issued out of inventory and the kit that was created becomes one inventory item. Please can we have a feature to convert the child items into an assembled kit, which will simultaneously deduct the stock from the child products and add the kit product in stock? Again, we can’t just sell the kit product before assembling it, which can take some time. So we want to have the option to just click “convert to kit” or something similar. Please help. Thanks. IK

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We have the same problem with manufactured items. A part number contains a variety of assembled parts, which only come off the stock at the point of 'processing' - that can be days sometimes, meanwhile the stock is well off. This needs to happen at the very start of the order -

The same thing really should be available on Variations also, surely selecting the different items and then selecting 'create variation' would be simpler than scrolling through lists of items seperately??

..and by the way, who thought using a small screen in the corner for inventory searching was a good idea? The whole bottom section of the screen is available, then we wouldn't have to drag the column sizes to read the information!

I'm having the same issue, we are assembling hampers, and have listed them as compositions. It takes some time to put together, and if someone orders it express delivery just before cut off time then we can't assemble this in time to ship out the same day.

As of now, if all the components are in stock, then the hampers show in stock.

However, the problem is that we don't physically have the hampers ready for dispatch, but Linnworks doesn't care.

So what we need is an option to assemble a product.

Which will do two things:

  1. Freeze/deduct the components of the product that have been used to assemble the kit, so that we can't sell those units that have already been assembled.
  2. Add quantity of the assembled product to the available stock of the assembled product (hamper etc).

For the first point, I can't think of any solution right now, and I can't understand how we are the only 3 sellers that need this feature.

For the second point, I've managed to come up with a workaround, haven't tried it yet, but I think in theory it should work.

So what you do is, go to the composition product (let's say a hamper) and add all the components, then after you save the product you click the tracked button, so that the stock becomes 'untracked', which means that the hamper won't automatically update its stock according to the components, instead you will be adjusting the stock yourself, and put in the correct amount of assembled hampers.

Then every time you assemble a hamper you add it to the stock of the hamper product, so you won't be able to sell more hampers than you have added manually, even though there are more (unassembled) components in stock.

This means that you won't oversell on hampers, but you might still oversell on the unassembled components (that's of course if you do sell them separately, which we do).

If you come up with a better, simpler solution then drop a comment below, I'd really appreciate it.

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